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 Beech Grove Lock And Locksmith Beech Grove, IN 317-810-0230Favorite locks of choice at residential and commercial properties, deadbolt locks have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent times owing to the added security they offer. A few lock variants can give away to force or open up easily to lock picking or by using credit cards to slide the bolt up. However, a deadbolt lock is all about resisting such attempts, and has long remained a standard security component in several properties. So, when you lose the key, or your lock malfunctions, there’s absolutely no way you can regain entry – except with professional help.

Meet your trusted emergency locksmith:

The unpredictability of an emergency makes it inevitable for a locksmith to operate 24/7 to render services to customers in need. If you happen to live in Beech Grove, IN area, luckily, you don’t have to look anywhere else for an emergency locksmith, when you have Beech Grove Lock And Locksmith. A prominent name in the industry, we’ve built a stellar reputation for our quick, reliable and affordable services.

Deadbolt lock repair/replacement:

No mechanical component is exempt from failure and the same is true for the deadbolt locks installed in your property. If they stop functioning all of a sudden, or are exhibiting telltale signs of an eventual failure, call our experts. We understand the gravity of the situation and reach your location in quick time to examine the lock. Based upon our analysis, we can either repair or replace the lock, thus reinstating your property’s security to its maximum

Onsite key making solutions:

Deadbolt locks respond to only their specific set of keys. If you’ve lost the only set you had and are now contemplating replacing the entire lock, talk to our experts first. Our technicians are adept at crafting keys without requiring an existing model key. We’ll take a look at your deadbolt and use the state-of-the-art tools loaded up in our mobile vans to develop a new set, on-location.

Key extraction services:

If your key breaks in the deadbolt lock , there’s little you can do! With the broken parts lodged tightly within the lock and the only key you had now snapped in pieces, what you require is professional key extraction services. We have specialized extractor tools to remove the pieces without afflicting the slightest damage to your lock. Once we’re through, we make new keys or carry out repairs, if needed.

Our services are available 24/7 in and around Beech Grove. Dial 317-810-0230 for immediate assistance!